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  • Research & development in
    computer science.

    Applying the latest technologies.
  • Computer & network support.

    Solutions for any issues.
  • Security, backups & recovery.

    Responsibly & Effectively.
  • Database planning & design.

    Emphasis on search & recovery



The technical support provided by our team, is a high-quality service because our knowledge is not limited to technical limits, but in the extended field of computer science. Solutions are proposed no matter how complex the problem is taking into account the needs, avoiding problems that recreate solutions. Everything always with respect with customer's time.

All technical support services can be provided at your place immediately upon appointment, informing you of the exact cost. We also provide 30 days warranty.

  • Computer and peripherals installations.
  • Peripheral devices installation.
  • Computer inspection and repair.
  • Hardware upgrades.
  • Devices drivers installation/upgrades.
  • Operating system and third party software installation.
  • Viruses diagnosis and treatment.
  • Backups.
  • Software Upgrades.
  • Remote support (over Internet).
  • Technical support (over telephone).
  • Transportation to and from your place.