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  • Research & development in
    computer science.

    Applying the latest technologies.
  • Computer & network support.

    Solutions for any issues.
  • Security, backups & recovery.

    Responsibly & Effectively.
  • Database planning & design.

    Emphasis on search & recovery


The digital data of a company is invaluable to it and the availability of digital data as well as their security is a prerequisite for the continuous flow processes and effective interaction with customers of each company. That's why every organization is faced with the need to backup those data, which is crucial for its function.

We backup your data in a strictly specified period of time and according to your system requerements. With an automatic backup system, you can restore quickly and efficiently your digital data in the following cases:

  • mechanical failure of storage devices or servers
  • operating system or third-party software issues that pose data integrity risk
  • Voluntary or involuntary deletion of the corporate information
  • targeted hackers attacks and malware